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Schnupper-Fotoshooting im Fotostudio Keepsmile, Castrop-Rauxel zwischen Dortmund, Herne und Bochum

Try-out photo shoot

Not sure you like pictures of yourself?
Lots of people are sceptical about taking nude pictures / erotic photos because they are not sure how the photos will turn out.
Take advantage of my offer of the trial photo shoot.

What does a try-out photo shoot involve and how do I get one?

  • Make an appointment for a „normal“ (minimum 60 minutes) CD photo shoot with the try-out option.
  • Bring along all the clothes you want to be photographed in – do not forget shoes!
  • I take pictures of you for about 10 -15 minutes; different poses.
  • You look at the pictures on the computer in the photo studio and decide whether you would like to continue.
  • Should you choose to continue, the regular photo shoot (usually 60 minutes or longer) begins.
Bild Schnupper-Fotoshooting im Fotostuiod Keepsmile, Castrop-Rauxel

Of course, you will later get all the files on your CD, even those from the try-out photo shoot.

If you do not like the try-out pictures, we will end the photo shoot. Of course, you do not have to pay anything. The trial session (10 -15 minutes) is cost free. The try-out files are immediately deleted.

Initially, the introductory offer was open for a certain period of time only. However, the great response, and subsequent requests for the try-out photo shoot even after the offer was no longer available on my website, have prompted me to offer it permanently.

So far, only female customers and couples have taken advantage of the opportunity to do the trial photo shoot in erotic photoshoots or nude photo shoots.

Kein Abnahmezwang von Bildern im Fotostudio Keepsmile

If someone wants to „only“ have pictures, here is my offer: „no compulsion to buy if not satisfied“. 

If you’re just looking for a way to do a photo shoot for free, check out the text on my website „Do you offer free photo shoots?“ (Text in German)


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