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Professional application photos are important for your future career

Application photos should not be quick photos taken with the mobile phone or the simple compact camera, holiday photos, selfies, pictures from the last celebration or pictures from the passport photo machine.

Below you can see / read some application picture tips, information and application photo examples – and of course also the prices. Professional application photos can be the deciding factor for an invitation to the job interview and/or for a new job.

You will also find further tips and information about application photos (e.g. about clothing, scheduling, etc.) under Questions and Answers (FAQ). (sorry, mainly German)

Vergleich Bewerbungsbild in Farbe und schwarz-weiß

How much do application photos cost?

Application photo size and number


Output of the application image on CD (file)


9 application pictures (4.0 x 5.5 cm)


8 application pictures (5 x 7 cm)


6 application pictures (6 x 9 cm)


each additional sheet with the above number of photos (directly on the day of shooting)


Combination package images and file on CD (you save 6,-€ on the single product)


in general, beauty retouching is included in the price for all packages


What is included in application photos?

I offer actually only three packages

  • Pictures / Prints
  • File for online applications and application portals or social media
  • Combination package (file and prints)

What is included?

  • taking against a grey background (other backgrounds also possible on request)
  • selection from min. 9 shots
  • if necessary, further shoots until we have a photo that pleases you
  • Beauty retouching (removal of skin impurities, dark circles under the eyes, etc.)
  • depending on the package min. 6 pictures (6 x 9 cm)
  • file on CD or a stick supplied by you
  • low combined price
Bewerbungsfoto sollte keine Urlaubsbild oder Foto von der Party sein

Application photos – no holiday pictures or party photos.

What is included in the beauty retouching

For application photos and biometric passport photographs (included) there is a beauty retouching. It comprises the reduction of eye rims, dark circles under the eyes, small wrinkles and ‚disposal‘ of pimples / skin blemishes. When you have chosen the image you want, from those displayed on the screen, we can discuss what needs to be done in detail.

I only brighten up a piercing scar a little – upon request. In this way, it is not immediately visible.

When you have chosen the image you want, from those displayed on the screen, we can discuss what needs to be done in detail.


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