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Ringstr. 29 (Altes Rathaus)
44575 Castrop-Rauxel
(Parkplätze 11+12 n. d. Gebäude)

Opening hours – Why don’t you have fixed opening hours?

I don’t have fixed opening hours because I always want to take the necessary time for my customers.
I don’t think it’s good if you just come around and I’m shooting – you’d have to wait.

A photo shoot with CD (only German) takes about 75 – 90 minutes. When I take erotic photos, I guarantee my clients absolute privacy so I don’t open the door to anyone. It is also possible that I’m on a photo shoot away from the studio; with a customer, or doing outdoor shoots.  In this case, if you come without an appointment, you would find yourself standing before a locked door.

Book your desired appointment online or call

I strongly recommend that you either make an appointment with me by phone (02305 44 58 357) or use my online booking tool and book your desired date.
If you have a fixed date, then you have the certainty that I am in the photo studio and that I have also allocated enough time for the booked service (application photos or a photo shoot).
Of course, depending on the type of photoshoot in progress, it is sometimes possible for someone without an appointment to come in and  wait in the waiting area, but how would you feel if you knew that someone was always listening?

I am often in the photo studio shortly after 8 o’clock

Often, I am in the photo studio shortly after 8 o’clock preparing for photo appointments, editing pictures and doing other administrative tasks. For this reason, you can call (if necessary, the studio phone is switched to my mobile phone).
There are many things I can do later – after I’ve photographed you


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