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Photo series Back Tattoo - I am looking for volunteers

I would like to continuing building on my photo series „Back Tattoo“ which I started last year.

Would you like to have your back tattoo photographed? Then please contact me!

The pictures I display feature only the tattooed back. No faces are visible. They may only be recognized by your tattoo.

The size of the tattoo or „your body“ is absolutely unimportant for the project. I would like to show the variety of tattoos and the associated stories with the project.

The photo shoot is absolutely free

The pictures always look similar from the pose. The light comes from the side. For this reason, a shadow/ dark area forms in the middle (spine).
Depending on the tattoo, the light guidance and pose may vary slightly. 

It doesn’t matter if you have a small or large tattoo on your back. The aim of the photo series is to show the diversity in style, and the wide range of tattoos. I shoot a lot of erotic /nude photos in my photo studio, and I see many tattoos, even on otherwise invisible places.
Many women who have a large number of tattoos on their torso or legs, do not have any on their backs.

All files on CD

Each participant gets the complete photo shoot file on CD for free. It is also possible to get it on a USB stick if you bring your own. The CD will contain all the photos I take of you. For more information about the photo shoot click on the link „Photoshooting with CD„. (sorry, only in German at the moment)

 Please note that the prices quoted on the site are not applicable to participants in the Back Tattoo series photo shoot.

Clicking on an image makes it larger. On the left and right there are arrows for navigation.

After the photo shoot we look at the pictures and select the ones I can use for my own advertising (in the photo studio, internet, social media and maybe a photo exhibition or a book).

Altogether, I allocate 60 minutes for the Back Tattoo shooting.

„15 min. for me;  30 – 60 min. for you“
For the back pictures I need approximately 15 min.

The other 30 – 60 min. are available for your own personal photos,
as a thank you for your support.

Imprints disturb the image

Please note that the photos with your tattoo are all taken naked.

It would be advisable not to wear tight fitting or constricting clothing, as such clothing tend to leave marks/imprints on the skin. Previous participants have come wearing only dresses or jogging suits, so that there were no imprints on the skin.
Guests are advised to take along a dressing gown /bathrobe which can be worn until I have set the light correctly.

Abdrücke zum Beispiel vom BH stören bei Aktfotos

Important: The pictures are taken in the photo studio in normal daylight! Even if the photo or the environment looks dark, there is light on.

Under Questions / Answers – Imprints you will find more information about this. On the page erotic photos / nude photos you can find further information that also applies to this shooting situation.


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