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Outdoor photo shoot

Photos taken in nature have something special. They work especially through the play between foreground and background, as well as the depth of field (blur of the background). The environment creates different „backgrounds“ that always give the image a different character. 

Parks or public areas are often suitable for this purpose.  However, these public areas often have a large number of „spectators“ – especially in fine weather or in the late afternoon. Hence, the possibilities may be limited, e.g. an outfit change is hardly possible or almost impossible in an erotic photo shoot / (partial) nude shooting (only German).

Outdoor-Fotoshooting am Schloß Strünkede, Herne, durch Fotostudio Keepsmile, Castrop-Rauxel
Outdoor photo shoot at Schloss Strünkede, Herne
Outdoor-Fotoshooting mit dem Fotostudio Keepsmile, Castrop-Rauxel

Another drawback of outdoor photo shoots is that, due to the unpredictability of the weather, they are harder to plan than photo shoots in the photo studio. 

Also, certain special lighting is easier, or only possible, in the photo studio. For erotic photos in particular, the lighting (light and shadow) is very important.

Outdoor shots in your garden

An outdoor photo shoot doesn’t just have to be done in a park; your garden can also be an ideal location for an outdoor photo shoot.What mattes most is the background – is there residential development or are there other unattractive or distracting objects?
Is the garden visible to neighbours?
Often in this case, the neighbors stand at the window or on the balcony and watch. This can be disturbing. The greatest advantage for you, of having a photo shoot in your garden, is that the outfit change is very easy. You don’t have to decide which clothes you want to put on beforehand – the wardrobe is nearby.

What are the first steps in an outdoor photo shoot?

It starts with a one-on-one conversation on the phone or in my photo studio in Castrop-Rauxel.
If you desire to do the photo shoot at your home, it would probably be a good idea to meet there. It would give me the opportunity to appraise „the location“.

Where can an outdoor photo shoot take place?

The keepsmile photo studio is located in the Alten Rathaus (former city hall) in Castrop-Rauxel. From there, it is not very far to Dortmund, Herne or Bochum. That is why many suitable outdoor locations are quick and easy to reach. There are no travel charges for „places“ within Castrop-Rauxel and the suburbs of Dortmund and Herne adjacent to Castrop-Rauxel.

What is the process of an outdoor photo shoot?

Depending on the location of the photo shoot, we meet at the photo studio, at the shoot location or at your house. It is also possible to travel in only one car (mine or yours) to the shoot location.

What do I have to consider during an outdoor shoot?

Moving is often a little more difficult for outdoor photo shoots. Nevertheless, you might want to pack a sweater or a blouse. The „onion principle“ – i.e. layering several thin items of clothing on top of each other – has so far proved very successful. 
If you are sensitive to the sun, you should first apply sunscreen. Especially in sunny weather, and a photo shoot of 1 – 2 hours, this could lead to problems. Just to be safe, carry your sunscreen lotion with you.

How much does an outdoor photo shoot cost?

The price does not differ from the prices for photo shoots with CD in the photo studio (only German). It is 85,-€/hr incl. CD.
Depending on the distance, travel costs may be incurred. There are no travel costs for Castrop-Rauxel, adjacent suburbs of Dortmund and Herne. Otherwise I charge a minimum of 30,-€ travel costs.

The minimum duration for outdoor photo shoots is one hour. A photo shoot over 30 minutes can´t be booked as an outdoor photo shoot.

Advantages / Disadvantages of an outdoor photo shoot


  • number of people does not matter
  • customers can be photographed playing
  • different backdrops / environments
  • unusual shots are possible (boat trip, in the water, etc.)


  • weather-dependent
  • outfit change is only possible to a limited extent
  • targeted lighting not possible
  • depending on the location of the photo shoot, travel costs are incurred
  • you don’t get a CD right away with

Sample images outdoor photo shoot

Sample images of outdoor photo shoots can be found in the corresponding photo album. Please click here: Outdoor photo shoot sample pictures

Partner-Fotoshooting vom Fotostudio Keepsmile, Castrop-Rauxel


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