01. - 08. March - I am in Tenerife

Das Fotostudio Keepsmile macht Urlaub
The picture doesn't hit it right - I'm in Tenerife to work (but I like the picture😎)

As you may have read in the press, I am currently expanding my business activities in Tenerife. For this reason, I am regularly on the island of „eternal spring“.

The picture doesn’t hit it right (but I like the picture). I’m there to work and I’m available to all. Just call me if you need to. I will be happy to answer your questions or make an appointment with you (Phone 02305 44 58 357) or write to (Facebook, email, WhatsApp 0151 235 73337, etc.). Please note that during this time the online appointment booking tool is blocked.

If someone is on the largest of the Canary Islands, Tenerife, and wants to do a photo shoot (the text is only German)– just message me. If I can use the pictures for my own advertising (Flyers, Internet, Facebook & Co.), it is free of charge. Tenerife offers many different areas – „desert“, beach (different sand colors), forests, great historic buildings for interesting and unique photo shoots.